Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Spring Fling

Join the shops at Make Mine Pink for a week of fun and prizes. Register now! The fun begins March 16th!
The joyful march into spring begins, a cacophony of bird calls fill the blue skies, the trees show their fresh green buds, and the tulips start to poke their heads from the earth to face the sunshine. Colors are about to burst forth, and the earth will be new again. With fresh eyes, we are stocking our shelves with pretty greens, bright yellows, vibrant pinks, and beautiful blues. For the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink, spring cleaning is over, and we would love to show off our fresh new colors and exciting spring merchandise. Please join us for our "March Into Spring" Shop Hop from March 16 through March 21, 2009. The shop hop is open to anyone that would like to participate (limit one registration per physical address)

Enjoy 10% off any purchase now through March 22nd! Roses, roses, roses everywhere and just in time for a spring lunchon or Mothers Day corsage!

Fun hat tags! Perfect to tie on a gift or use as a place card holder!

Friday, January 23, 2009

rain, rain

come and stay..... don't come back another day.

Dryer then the desert here. We were supose to get rain yesterday. Only twice my patio was freckled with rain drops, not enough to over it. The boy and blue eyed could connect the dots of rain with a crayon.

It has not really rained here this year.

Last week it was in the 80's

We have a leak in the roof and since we could not get it fixed this week I thought it would really bring on a down pour. Kind like, wash car=rain.

It rarely rains here. It is a source of entertainment for us. We forget what it looks like.

BTW it is Pink Friday, Romantic Roses, a must. Check it out here.

Yes I have Roses. Free rosette pin with purchase today.

I just restocked roses.

and listed a few to die fors

here is a peak

Is this to cute or what?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

another resolution

The kids and I were making brownies the other day. The boy started talking about resolutions again. The convo went like this:

Boy: My News Years resolution this year is going to get enough brownies batter to fill a pool. (he is covered in it at this point so why not swim in it)

Me: That's a dream not a resolution.


Me: Here is a good one, how about resolve not to make so many messes this year. (there is more batter on him and the table then in the bowl)

Boy:Don't count on it.

I think maybe if everyone had a pool filled brownie batter we would have world peace.

Well it's time to plug my latest designs, gotta finance all those boxes or brownie mix.

If only my feet was small enough

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year...New Beginnings

This uear I chose not to set myself up for failure and not make too many New years resolutions. Besides loosing my spare tire, I vowed to keep my work spacw more organized. I asked the boy what his was, his first thought was "collect all Star Wars legos sets this year." I suggested "How about not whinning when you have to do school work." The blue eyed could not get her mind wrapped around the concept of it.

So what's up for the New Year. First deciding which magazines I want to advertise in, it is a hard decision. In the meantime I'll leave you with some pictures to look at while I ponder and work on more blog post to launc my new blog. Oh yes, stay tuned, there will be a giveaway.

I must tell you how much easier Blogspot is. I mean where have I been? If you want to stroll down my old memory lane do so here.
I promise this blog will be far more interesting not just biz but tales of my blue eyed girl and my boy.